What is happiness for you?

Do you experience love on a regular basis, or do you hold back from love?

Are you committed to forgive yourself?

Do you compare yourself to others in any type of way?

Happiness perhaps is having material accomplishments like cars, nice house, when you get marry, have children, or loose weight?

Happiness is the silent that you find being around nature or meditating?

Happiness is never feeling alone, and constantly being around people?

Happiness is when you change career that you dreamed of?

Happiness is giving your time to others but yet growing?

How do you see yourself in 3-5 years from now? Can you see yourself obtaining all that you want, or feel that is important to you also managing all your needs and wants?

Some people rarely experience love, but they have many ways of feeling connection with others. If you are ready to experience growth, which is the feeling of constantly developing emotionally, intellectually and spiritually not only for yourself just to become satiated, but to serve others as well. Not only you will find happiness, but you will feel fulfillment because those needs comes from the spirit.

So what is happiness for you?

Are you ready to take control of your life and change?

Suziene Perucci.

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