Do we look inside of ourselves?

How do we experience our unknown parts? Are we scared or do we look at ourselves with honesty?

Everything in the universe is integrated in a very intelligent way even the black hole has its purpose, which eliminates or recreates. Its job is cleansing.

If you are not growing, you are dying. It is one of the universe laws. What doesn’t have a purpose in the universe will be eliminate it.

How do we face life, and the situations that we call problems?

Do we have the courage of experience our feelings, our thoughts, and look at this iceberg, and see the depth of it?

Do we treat ourselves with respect, acceptance, and honesty? Are you going to stay at the tip of the iceberg that can’t see what’s under you?

Why let your fear, anxiety, and lack of faith take control?

When you’re truly courageous to look at yourself inside, even that will help us create a new reality for the society and other living things here on earth with good, and positive energy.

When we accept ourselves in difficult time it doesn’t mean there’s no more progress inward. Remember; if you’re not growing, you’re dying. However is a loving, and openness mind and soul where you connect and vibrate love because you are connecting with the creator. Consequently, you’ll become more creative, and abundant in every sense, and you’ll receive all the information needed to help you progress as well. It is a feeling of belonging with the All.

We are not gonna treat our neighbor in a lovingly way if we don’t treat ourselves in a loving way. You could say that judgement is discern from good or bad, right or wrong although the universe does not work that way. The creator, or God (whichever you prefer) is abundant and offers thousands of possibilities of growth because is love.


My God, creator;

I am open for understanding

I am open for a greater purpose

I connect myself with love vibration that rules the world

I treat myself with respect, love, acceptance, and consequently all the living things around me.

I face life as a giving person with a greater purpose for the earth progress.

I always let my love vibration on everything, and to everything I do!

So be it!

canalized by Suziene Perucci.

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