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We have hard time of letting go of suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, we prefer suffering because that’s familiar.

How many times you didn’t move forward because you were scared? You felt uncomfortable? We are already in pain. We are scared of new pain.

The reason why we feel scared is totally far from concrete of the immediate reason, and it’s usually what happened, or what’s gonna happen to us.

When we identify to those thoughts and feelings bring us agitation, anxiety, tension, phobia and so on.

We can only deal with what is in a present moment.

Recognizing that pain is natural on earth, but suffering is optional. We cannot avoid pain, but can definitely change how we view things will help us be open and see things as an opportunity of growth.

Everything is changing in the world, so don’t try to stay the same. When you try to keep the same, you’re going against the law of the universe.

Take a look at the year seasons, our bodies, our cells, is constantly changing.

We can improve fear within by being surrounded by positive people and mostly important is our constant inner work.

Think about something that has positively improve your life; not letting behavior of others destroy your peace; practice a positive habit daily; recognize your own abilities (coming from your own appreciation that will increase your self confidence); and remove negative feelings, thoughts and vocabulary out of your daily life as well.

Remember if you want harmony, peace and love choose those to be able to give better to others.

Suziene Perucci.


  1. Beautiful!! We’re what we think about all the time. That is why positive thinking improves our lives in a better way of living. Love, compassion and harmony to all of us ❤️.

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