How can we become a better human beings?

How can we have a better relationship to your significant other, children, parents and friends?

The more conscious you are about yourself, more present, more courage to look deep within your pain more you are going to ascend, and connect with all the good there is, the source that is in us.

I am absolutely fascinated with human mind, emotion and energy. I strongly believe everything is interacting because WE ARE energy just more dense. That said, situations, people that comes our way is all part of a plan for our awakening teaching us to shift consciously, learning to choose self love.

Learning to not depend on anyone emotionally but yourself, meaning grounding with the source that is in you. Consequently we will be whole to other people as well. Notice that we can not offer a better version of ourselves to other people unless we work on ourselves.


Everything that happens to me is part of the plan for my awakening, including those challenging events that force me to shift out of my inertia and self-limiting behavior patterns. From the depth of my soul, I call out for growth. I pray to be released from my burdens and to discover and express my gifts. From deep within my pain, I call for peace. From deep my co-dependency, I call for the courage and the freedom to be myself, to forgive myself, and to forgive all others.

-Paul Ferrini, Everyday Wisdom Prayer.

BE your best.


your relationship coach

Suziene Perucci.

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